Batch File Maker

Batch File Maker 1.5

Create and modify batch files easily


  • Makes batch conversions easy
  • Can output to System 32 folder


  • No status bar


Creating batch files (those with the BAT or CMD extensions) is sometimes a time consuming process. With this program however, you can create your own batch files with amazing simplicity. With it, you can create, modify and duplicate batch files as many times as you want via the program's "listing" function. For those who write their own programs or have to create batch files on a regular basis, it will save a lot of precious time.

Batch File Maker is also able to output batch files to a destination of your choice or simply save them to the desktop or System32 folder of your operating system. This latter way is very useful because it allows you to execute the batch files from the Command module. There's not much to fault in this program since it does a very simple job although it could do with some kind of progress bar to let you know the stage your conversion is at.

This simple but powerful program can create and modify batch files which can launch any other file from the command line/run dialog.

You can choose where to select your output destination and you can create as many batch files as you want in one go.

Batch File Maker


Batch File Maker 1.5

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